Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Research paper on GMO's Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

On GMO's - Research Paper Example This is because more than 80% of the total global food requirements come from plants (WHO, 1987). As a topic, GMO’s not only concerns the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering but also a topic of economic, political, and social cultural interests. Each of this field has a stake or role to play in adoption of GMO’s. The future of the globe interims of food sustainability depends of effective research of GMO’s. Genetic modification results when there is an alteration in the configuration of genes in the cell of an organism. This alteration can result from delectation of insertion of new genes from the cells of another species. Genes are tiny strands found in the cells of all living organism and they are known to be the carriers DNA. All organisms have unique number of genes and any alteration of the genetic material result in creation of organisms that have different characteristics from those of their parents. The reality on GMO’s was realized in 1975 when the discussion about the new invention was launched at Asilomar conference. The meeting concluded that production of GMO’s should be carried out when scientist have done considerable research on the safety of GMO’s. However, production of GMO’s plants was first carried out in Canada and the US in 1982 when farmers were given genetically modified seeds for experimental purpose. In the recent history, there has been more progress in the production of genetically modified plants than genetically modified animals. Genetic modification can be applied to produce animals that have enhanced capabilities such as resistance to certain disease (Gary, 2005). In addition, genetic modification can result in physical modification of animals. Following the current developments in biotechnology and genetic engineering, there has been concern about economic application of GMO’s. It is obvious that the focus is the growing

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