Friday, October 18, 2019

Captivity Narrative Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Captivity Narrative - Assignment Example My memory has not made me any justice yet, I could not recollect how I had gotten into this mess. The door opened, creakily. My heart beat fast, my tongue stuck as a huge figure, roughly six feet tall entered, probably male. The dark hood over his head ensured anonymity. The light that shone from the corridor made him even scarier. Slowly, it began to dawn on me. Walking from school, I had decided to use a shorter route to get home. My friend was a guest that day on a popular TV show so I got home earlier and catch up everything he said. Passing through this alley that was deserted and lonely, my instinct was spooked. However, the wave of excitation was stronger than it, so I proceeded. After all, the home was just a few meters away. I didn’t see anyone. He was quick and effective. How he carried me to this location is a mystery I am yet to unravel. But judging from the figure that stood at the door, it was easy to work for him. He had water and bread slices. He threw them at me, and since my choices were limited I ate as much as I could. I had no slightest idea what he wanted from me. Neither was he in a hurry to tell me He left and came back in approximately half an hour, accompanied by another man, a little shorter with an untidy mustache. He asked for my parent's contact and I obliged, then thinking it was a kidnap for ransom. I was threatened that if they didn’t cooperate I would be tortured, that death only wasn’t good enough for them. That is when they got my full attention. I am a sucker for pain and that idea sent wild ideas in my head, I thought of an escape but my options were just wild. Two hours later they came back, and this time around, there were in no mood of talking. The shorter guy started yelling angrily, his face turning red. Apparently, the contacts I had given him were not the ones he wanted, I tried explaining myself but from with my dry throat, I could only mumble few words. He didn’t care kicks and blows rained at an astounding speed. Initially, I tried to resist, but it was useless. I resigned to just sheltering my face. My initial screams were reduced to just mere whimpers as I became numb and number, and finally passing out.

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