Monday, November 4, 2019

Whistleblowing. Whistle Blowing Issues That a Potential Whistleblower Essay

Whistleblowing. Whistle Blowing Issues That a Potential Whistleblower Should Consider Before Blowing a Whistle in the Public Sector - Essay Example Secondly, he should consider whether the issue involves are a breach of legal obligation like a contractual obligation awarded to the said officer. Thirdly, the case should involve an issue where justice was not effectively and fairly awarded to a victim or a party. Fourthly, the case should be one involving an issue concerning the endangerment of the public like a health or war issue. Lastly, the whistle blower should consider the issue of the state’s security by revealing such information to various parties as it might lead to chaos and unrest among the public. A case example of whistle blowing against the public sector involves where an individuals notices some abnormities in the armed service recruitment process. An example is when the concerned armed service officials are not selecting individuals based on their qualifications, but based on bribes, tribalism, nepotism or favors given to them. The second example is when a public servant tasked with ministerial office uses the office for selfish materialist gains like engaging with unscrupulous dealers to provide the public with poor quality products whose origins and sale have not been certified with the body concerned with monitoring of goods sold to the public (Arszulowicz & Gasparski, 2011, 97). . The Wikileaks Case as Whistle Blowing Case In my opinion, Wikileaks case is a whistle blowing cases as evidenced in many issues being raised about the company by various individuals. Most cases being brought up by the company against individuals or companies always involves circumstances where various issues are being perpetrated against the citizens or an individual. An example is the PFC or the Bradley Manning case where he believed that the issues Wikileaks was whistle blowing on has the capability of plunging the country into a state of unrest or would jeopardize the security of the nation. This was an issue concerning the armed services and the whistleblower has every intention to believe that their activities would lead to an overkill of various civilians involved. Manning provided a video that killed numerous citizens in Baghdad to the public which showed them of the government’s irresponsibility in taking care of the civilians. In my views, this information revealed the government’s role in failing to deliver its legal obligation to protect the citizens even in times of emergency (Arszulowicz & Gasparski, 2011, 45). . The Pros and Cons of the False Claim Act That Offers Payment to Whistle Blowers False claim Act cases are known to offer payment to whistle blowers because it considers the whistle blower as a significant person in aiding in the process of justice to the citizens and various parties concerned. However, false claims acts have both advantages and disadvantages to the whistle blowers in numerous instances. Advantages The false claim offers a pay-out to the whistle blower as way of showing gratitude in revealing various unethical issues happening in various state departments or aiding in the process of finding justice to various helpless victims who are not capable of protecting themselves. Secondly, false claim act offers payment to the whistle blower by ensuring public safety for various concerned individuals and stakeholders. A whistle blower will feel satisfied because the issue he or she has raised was disturbing to him and that is why he decided to blow the whistle on various concerned officials. When concerned officials take responsibility of a disturbing issue confessed by a whistle blower, then the whistle blower feels that he or she is compensated as his worries are addressed. Thirdly, many

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